N&O: Airbnb Delayed Again

From the News & Observer...

Raleigh residents technically aren’t allowed to rent out their homes for 30 days or less, as many do through online services Airbnb and VRBO. But the city three years ago halted enforcement of its rules until council members crafted regulations for them.

Supporters say short-term rentals are good for tourism – they’re often a cheaper alternative to hotel rooms – as well as residents who want to make an extra buck. Critics worry the rental model adds more traffic, noise and unwanted strangers to their neighborhoods. Some also worry that someone could undercut the stock of housing for long-term renters.

The council last year was divided on whether to allow residents to rent out their entire home. Tuesday’s failed proposal would’ve allowed resident to rent up to four rooms.

Stephenson, who voted against the proposal, said “many cities in our country have concerns about the impacts on housing affordability and neighborhood preservation.”

The vote drew swift criticism from Brent Woodcox, a Raleigh resident who worked on the task force that crafted the proposal. He said opponents Cox, Crowder, Stephenson and Thompson don’t value citizen input.

“It is clear now that their claims about citizen engagement are nothing more than hollow rhetoric,” he said. ...
— Henry Gargan & Paul A. Specht - N&O