News Release: Share Raleigh Surveying Candidates, Endorsements Forthcoming

Raleigh, N.C. – Brent Woodcox, founder of Share Raleigh, announced today that candidate surveys have gone out to all candidates for Raleigh city council and mayor regarding the legalization and regulation of short term rentals in Raleigh.

“Candidates for city council and mayor should go on the record on their positions on short term rental freedom in Raleigh. These candidate surveys and our endorsements will help voters know where candidates stand on the issue before they go to the polls in October,” said Woodcox.

Candidates will specifically be asked to answer five questions:

·       Do you support legalizing short term rentals in the city of Raleigh? Why or why not?

·       Do you believe that city policy regarding short term rentals can balance the desire to make Raleigh a better place to live, work and visit with the need to protect the character and integrity of our neighborhoods? Why or why not?

·       If you are inclined to support short term rentals, what types of regulations would you support for them? If you are inclined to oppose short term rentals, are there any regulations that would make you more likely to support their legalization?

·       On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the issue of short term rentals regarding their importance to Raleigh's future?

·       If elected to city council, how would you plan to enact your policy preferences on short term rentals into law?

Share Raleigh plans to make endorsements in Raleigh municipal elections based on the feedback gathered from candidate surveys following Labor Day.

More information can be found about Share Raleigh at