Share Raleigh Endorses Mayor Nancy McFarlane for Re-Election

Raleigh, N.C. – Brent Woodcox, founder of Share Raleigh, released the statement below:

Paul Fitts is knowledgable about real estate, property rights and the housing issues that Raleigh is facing. Mr. Fitts is committed to short term rental freedom and he would make an excellent leader for the city on the issue. Unfortunately, his campaign does not have the resources or infrastructure that the other candidates in the race do.

Mayor McFarlane has been an advocate for finding a balance on the issue of short term rentals. She has worked over the last 3 years to find a solution that will make Raleigh a better place to live, work and visit while also protecting the integrity and character of our neighborhoods. Where the mayor has struggled is getting her colleagues on council to agree to a compromise. Here’s hoping that if voters elect her to another term as mayor that she can find common ground once and for all. She has our endorsement and our support in that effort.

(Note: Charles Francis did not participate in the Share Raleigh survey and has taken no public position to our knowledge on the issue of short term rentals. Though we cannot evaluate his position on the issue, we are concerned about a candidate for Raleigh’s top job who is inaccessible and seemingly not engaged on all of the important issues the city is facing.)

Endorsements for city council at-large districts will be released on Tuesday and endorsements for city council districts A-E will be released on Wednesday.