Share Raleigh Makes Endorsements for City Council Districts

Raleigh, N.C. – Brent Woodcox, founder of Share Raleigh, released the statement below:

District A

Alex Moore is diligent, determined and prepared to offer new leadership on city council. His background in real estate and expertise on housing issues are needed in city leadership right now. He is also committed to finding a solution on short term rentals that includes reasonable regulations. He has our endorsement.

District B

Neither candidate answered the Share Raleigh survey which concerns us about the level of engagement that voters can expect from their District B representative. We do find it ironic that the lone computer scientist on council is doing more to prevent the city from leveraging technology for the good of the city than anyone else in city government. There is no single force preventing progress for Raleigh who has been as effective as Councilor Cox. We cannot recommend his re-election.

District C

Crash Gregg has some innovative ideas about how Raleigh could leverage short term rentals to combat the affordable housing crisis our city is facing. He also recognizes that hotel rooms remain in too short of supply for the city right now. Mr. Gregg would be a valuable voice on the council on this issue.

There is likely not a candidate for city council this year that understands the property rights at stake with short term rentals than Olen Watson. We wish that all candidates and council members had considered their philosophy about liberty and the role of city government in restricting freedom as deeply as Mr. Watson. His voice and approach is desperately needed in this conversation.

Councilor Corey Branch has in the past voted against a ban on whole home rentals. Though he has not been an overly vocal advocate for short term rental freedom, he has approached this conversation with welcomed care. We understand that this is a complicated issue and the effects of short term rentals can have disparate impacts in different areas of the city. If voters choose to re-elect Councilor Branch, we hope to work more closely with him on this issue. Because of his demonstrated commitment to a rational approach to short term rentals, we also endorse him.

District D

Neither candidate responded to our survey. We make no endorsement in this race but we do note that Councilor Kay Crowder has been a roadblock to progress on short term rental legalization and has been unreceptive to any conversation that could lead to a compromise on the issue. We expect better from our elected officials.

District E

Stef Mendell understands the importance of short term rentals and the role they will play in Raleigh’s future. We find her to be engaged and thoughtful on the issue in a way that many current incumbents are not. Though she supports some regulations that we do not find to be reasonable nor necessary, she would represent a marked improvement on a number of incumbents. Unfortunately for her, she is running against Councilor Bonner Gaylord.

Councilor Gaylord has the unique combination of experience, expertise and vision that we believe can help push forward the cause of short term rental freedom. He has been a vocal advocate on this issue and the idea in general that technological advancement can lead to a better quality of life for Raleigh’s citizens. We appreciate and value his leadership on city council. He has our full endorsement for re-election.

Earlier this week, Share Raleigh endorsed Mayor Nancy McFarlane for re-election as well as Stacy Miller and Robb Ward for city council at-large seats.

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